xingcheng into the laser has been committed to the global laser processing solutions to scientific research and innovation and technology application as the main fulcrum, with international first-class technology research and development centers. The company's project expert consultant team consists of 12 experts from the University of Rochester, the Australian Academy of Engineering, the U.S. Bell Labs, Tsinghua University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other experts, mastering the international high-precision laser processing technology. It is the company that produces the world's early femtosecond laser processing center for thin film of titanium dioxide battery and femtosecond laser drilling, scribing and cutting processing center for FPC, and its technological research and development and service quality are in an outstanding position in the same industry.
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More than ten years, Xingcheng laser has been committed to the global laser processing solutions, deep plowing in precision instrumentation, integrated circuits, hardware, non-ferrous metals, machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, communications and measurement, military electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, hardware tools, plastic molds, medical equipment, jewelry, packaging, gifts and other industries, laser product applications, in the exploration of the infinite potential of the laser industry on the road! We have been marching forward.

Dramatic increase in yield and material utilization
Effective reduction of mechanical deformation in parts processing
Precision machining
Precise and detailed machining results with good consistency
High adaptability
Specialized for high-precision laser processing
Cooperative clients
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Intelligent laser, let the world see China's smart manufacturing
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48-hour technical support for equipment and process issues
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  • Honesty and fairness: no matter how big or small the contract amount is, no matter new or old customers, no matter domestic or foreign customers, we will treat them honestly and fairly;

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